27 August 2011

Grateful Grazer

Menu du jour

Pan seared pork tenderloin and belly of pork. 

Method: Slightly smoked over wood chips. 

Served with: Sautéed French giroulles and cep mushrooms. Summer sautéed cabbage with mustard and crème fraiche  

Thought: Bring on Autumn!


For seven and a half years, I have enjoyed some of the finest meals that most dream about- in the comfort of my home. A Texas gal happened to meet a French chef some 8+ years ago in Dallas. One says to follow your instinct- I followed my nose. 

I suppose I have always loved food and wine. When I tell people what we had for dinner- they can't imagine that anyone would just have ink squid linguini with curried lobster on a Tuesday night. But we do. And I, am the happy habitué of my husband's efforts. 

For seven plus years, my spouse (Chef) has hounded me to write- to blog- to follow (or more hopeful) -- to find! my passion. Where he found his culinary dreams at the tender age of 16... I have been nomadic in my search. I admit, I am envious that he knows and loves his work. Most importantly, 25+ years on he is still learning and experimenting with new flavours and produce. 

And so... I bring you... my blog. 

Rather, I would like to refer to this as our blog. For it is a chronicle of our culinary adventures and my search for my passion. Okay-- so perhaps this blog is merely therapy for me. An outlet- a release- a saving grace for my poor spouse? I am not here to stand on any soap boxes or create great movements. Moreover, this is a personal journal of food, travel, family, living abroad, work, on becoming a mom and the eternal quest to find a happy balance for it all. My hope is that this blog may create some rapport amongst us who love everything delicious in life. 

"Write! Write! Write," chimes Chef over and over and over... 

So without further ado I put typeface to blog space and introduce you to "Callie and Chef".

Bon appetite... et bon courage a moi! 

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  1. Bon courage Callie! Je suis ta "fan"!!



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