29 December 2011

Four Seasons Hotel Prague: Prah(a)-cise Care

This holiday season, my husband and I exchanged traditional turkey and gravy for pork and pickled cabbage in Prague. For years, we had been wanting to visit some of Europe's festive Christmas markets, and decided what better time than now-- with our 10-month old daughter in tow.

Our daughter has already established that she is a born traveller. This is a good thing as both mom and dad ensure above all else, our passports never pass their expiry date and that the wheels of our suitcases are well oiled and ready to roll when the travel bug starts to itch.

While mapping out our European Christmas Market tour we ensured Prague, and for that matter, Four Seasons Hotel Prague, was on the list. We began in Prague with four nights at Four Seasons Hotel Prague.

An on-time departure from London's Heathrow airport was met by a prolonged and tedious queue at Prague's immigration. My husband and I took turns singing songs and bribing our daughter with cheerios through the seemingly endless and disorganised lines.

Immediately after exiting customs we were welcomed to Praha by our driver, arranged in advance with Concierge, who relieved us of all our luggage. A warmed Mercedes 'S' Class fitted with a secured car seat for our daughter soothed our frazzled nerves and offered a most comfortable transfer to the Hotel. As I fastened her in the seat, I whispered "happy holidays baby girl."

The Hotel staff greeted us by name and extended a satellite check-in allowing us to take our wearied infant directly to our room to relax and play while we registered in the comfort of our private space.

While we did not have a car to valet, the bellmen whisked our 4-wheel pram away to be carefully stored and available upon on request. This service removed the hassle of shuffling the buggy to and from the room and kept the street mud and muck out of our guest room.

A corner of our beautiful Renaissance room was converted into a mini nursery for our daughter complete with changing amenities, musical mobile, nappy bin, play mat, duvet and non-slip mat for the bath tub. 

Local cartoon celebrity, Krteček (little mole), welcomed our sweet pea who found its big eyes and floppy arms all to funny and amusing. Renowned for their comfortable beds, I can also now rate Four Seasons' baby beds as our restless sleeper peacefully snoozed straight through the night. (Note to reader: Baby is refusing to sleep as I write this blog and its now 11pm). 

Aside from catching the sights of the city, our daughter caught a nasty cold that climaxed over our weekend stay. Concierge kindly phoned the Hotel doctor for suitable medication we could purchase without prescription. While most pharmacies were closed, the Staff located one open and offered to collect the medicine on our behalf. When we declined this offer, they insisted to call in advance to ensure the medicine was available. Once the medicine was in her system, our little traveller was back on track.

We were in Prague for the opening of the Christmas Market. What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with the lighting of the square's Christmas tree and the scent of Svařák (mulled wine) in the air?

Four Seasons Hotel Prague is perfectly positioned with the Charles Bridge just a stone's throw away and the Old City on your doorstep. We left Prague full of Christmas cheer and with our new Czech friend, Krteček in tow for the rest of our Christmas market tour. 

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  1. Oh, I want to go next time! Your descriptions make me want to hop on the next flight and head to Prague. Would love to stay at that FS sometime. It sounds wonderful!


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