25 September 2012

Fresh Coat

Last month I (again) retired my office heels and business suits to the storage closet. In anticipation of shorter days and cooler temps, resulting in more indoor playtime, I opted to use the late burst of English summer sunshine and my mom's visit from overseas for retouching up some weathered areas in our cottage. 

Being back full time with Eloise at the cottage was reason enough to alleviate some of the eye sores grating on my nerves for the past months. Nothing is worse than staring at a chipped wall day after day imagining how a splash of COLOR could uplift one's spirits. 

I equate it to getting your hair highlighted. You don't realize how bad your roots are until the foils have done their magic. Only upon leaving the salon and catching a glimpse of your reflection in a passing mirror do you then kick yourself for waiting so long. 
color board inspiration through travel and day dreaming designs

During my mom's visit last month she gave me the final motivational pep talk for convincing me that our cottage was do for a mini makeover. The thing about enhancing one room is that it inevitably reveals others in need of a boost. 


swing time: 'tootsie' and eloise
One feature wall expanded to 5 walls throughout 4 rooms using 2 shades of paint. A dedicated afternoon turned into three full days with countless trips back and forth to the hardware store to buy more brushes, drapes, tape and paint. My husband arrived home each evening to discover new splashes of color and two bleary-eyed painters sipping on well earned G&Ts. 
 kitchen sink bath due to DIY project in bathroom

Inevitably, the painted walls highlighted the neighboring walls' and trims' needs for touch up resulting in (another) return to the local B&Q for a bucket of white paint concealer.

Then with the concealer applied, it seemed that the baseboards' dust was thicker and the ignored rust marks on the towel heater had spread. The recently purchased green bath towels contrasted too much against the soft sage green feature wall…progress was happening but now only a complete refurbishment would do!

my artist in training
As I was about to start frantically searching for new curtains on John Lewis' website, I found Eloise calmly drawing with a hot magenta crayon on the wooden floors. 

Reality slapped me back down and I declared an immediate halt on any further home DIY projects until Eloise is (at least) five years old and we become homeowners. 

I am hopeful the two will coincide allowing us to at least save on polishing the floors and leaving some extra cash for re-upholstery. 



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  1. Love it! Such a fun read and SO TRUE how one tiny DIY project leads to another, and another and another. Kind of like opening Pandora's box. xoxo


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