27 September 2012

Home Alone

Today is my day. No, not my birthday. Just a day all to moi.

The only rule: NO housework.  

quiet afternoon writing in conservatory
Without being selfish, I am trying to avoid loosing track of Me.

As a mom/wife, we are meant to keep up with the child, the dog, the laundry, bills and (even) the husband. But in doing so we cannot lose our identity.

Of late I have begun to feel that I am becoming bland. Following the birth of our daughter in January 2011, I have had my head burrowed in the sandbox and find grocery lists of excuses for not getting a gym membership, skipping my 8-week maintence hair cut and accepting the tired state of my wardrobe.

I realised how far I'd drifted when my husband surprised me with a date night at a fancy dig in London a few months ago.

It was a black tie event and I had the option of wearing either a decent pair of heels or a dress. As I stared at my ghostly closet, I debated over renting a tux; at least it was a guaranteed match. In the end I opted to go dressed in a striking red wrap dress and some neutral heels that blended into my untanned legs. 

As I tried to style my unrulely mane, I hoped dim lighting in the dining room would aid in shadowing my mousy brown roots. I made a vow to my candid reflection to call first thing in the morning for the next available appointment with the stylist.

Last week my husband insisted I leave the daily chores and go out for some time on my own. Unsure of what to do, I went for a 1.5-mile swim. I cannot remember the last time I went for a swim. At least 2-years. I felt so alive and strong swimming in the pool. My heart was elated to be elevated and pumping my body lap after lap. My spirits remained lifted the rest of the day and I loved feeling the light aches in my muscles the next day.

a fitter me and Carib, 2004. the source hike, nevis, west indies
Once a week Eloise goes to the childminder where she loves hanging with some older toddlers and the pet rabbit- "Toffee." I drop her off knowing we both will love seeing each other (even more) at the end of the day.

Two hours until pick up time. This leaves just enough time to take Carib out for a jog with the sun who decided to come back out and play.


Callie x


  1. Anonymous27.9.12

    Inspired. I _will_ take my husband up on his offer to watch baby while I go to yoga on Saturday morning. Can't believe I was even questioning it. -brynn :)

    1. Brynn,

      Hip hip hooray to YOU! By all means you deserve that yoga class--- Hope you enjoy it as soon as this weekend!


      Callie x

  2. Every mommy needs a break once in a while. We all enjoy feeling rejuvenated in body, mind and soul . . . you'll be a better wife and mommy by scheduling in some "moi" time.

    1. Thanks Mom! Wise words from the wisest owl I know ';o)




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