28 September 2012

When Nature Calls

At 20-months Eloise's vocabulary is expanding by the minute. Some words naturally roll off the tongue like  I do it, hold it, silly...sorry Others require a more agile clapper like the tongue twisting chorus how why won-d wha chew are of "Twinkle Twinkle".

We are raising her to (hopefully) be bilingual in French and English (perhaps Texan). Already some things she refers to only in French which I find cute and amusing.

Tatine (pacifier) Dodo (sleep) Couche (diaper) Soleil (sun) Câlin (cuddle)
Fleur (flower) Merci (thank you) Bonjour (hello) Bisous (kiss) Bravo (well done)

grasping toilet paper's wonders
The bilingual teachings were going swell until while on holiday my belle mere introduced the term-- caca. As the word sounds- it refers to poo poo.

Boasting one of the most beautiful languages, could the French not have thought of a more flowery term? After all, they're the ones that  made toilet water sound posh by calling it eau de toillete.

Unfortunately, Eloise's interpretation of caca includes all body parts south of the belly button and anything that passes from them. Every time nature calls or she re-discovers her couche she ensures I, too, am fully aware.  I keep a tatine on the ready for popping in her mouth to muffle the announcement as and when it is aired to the wider public. In addition to the the fascination of her own bowel movements, she is captivated by our dog's private bits and eagerly reports back on any witnessed yard sprinklings.

walking to dinner, Four Seasons Hotel London
On a recent stay in London, we treated my mom to a lovely dinner at Amaranto. The staff could not have been more accommodating to Eloise. Not only did the restaurant provide her with her own plate, cup and utensils they also offered her an iPad. Though a nice modern touch, the basket of bread sticks and cup of shaved ice topped her list.
happy diner at Amaranto

As the meal progressed passed 10pm, Eloise was ready to faire dodo. One observant waiter took note and came to serenade Eloise a calming Italian lullaby. With sleepy eyes she gazed up at him while lifting her beautiful dress and cooed "caca". The waiter looked puzzled and I was in shock. I apologized to the waiter while Eloise continued to inform all the diners of the play-by-play action taking place inside her couche--- Caca! CACA! As her decree crescendoed, I enticed her to stop with a chocolate biscotti and more shaved ice as my husband asked for l'addition, s'il vous plaît! 

potty talk
Earlier this month I bought a potty training seat as a means to an end for expanding her potty talk. She, nor I, are quite ready to embark on potty training but I thought as she is consumed by the topic we should explore other conversations surrounding the 'throne'. 

To date our potty talk chats have defined what is a po po and how tee-tee is different from poo. Sadly, when nature calls, Eloise still answers with, caca Mommy! 


Callie x


  1. Enjoyed a hearty belly laugh over this one. Great synopsis of the events at the FS, but even better to have witnessed it! Keep 'em coming . . . you're on a roll.

  2. Lorrie Slaughter28.9.12

    How funny! Little ones are especially interested in all things private! She'll get interested in something else, and you'll always have a good laugh about this phase.

    1. Indeed little ones find everything and anything interesting! Thanks so much for reading!


  3. Anonymous1.10.12

    Miss Mush
    Your most recent entry had me in stitches. I love hearing about our sweet, talkative and most certainly "regular" Eloise. Love
    Uncle Gong Gong

    1. Gong Gong,

      So glad to have given you a good chuckle this Monday! She is quite the character... keeping us on our toes and highly entertained on any and all topics of new discoveries....

      Miss Mush


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