31 October 2012

Key to Chianti: primo giorno, Siena

primo giorno, SIENA


Morbidi's beautiful store front food shop caught our eye and the queue of ravenous diners waiting for a slice of pizza was testament enough that their delicacy must live up to their delicious window displays.

While Morbidi has a restaurant, we ordered pizza for take-away. With the historic Piazza Salembeni and Piazza Tolomei to either side, we opted to enjoy a picnic and join the locals sunning themselves on the ancient monuments. 

It was then time to find our first scoop of Italian gelato. Leave it to Chef's nose to lead us right to the perfect source.  Grom's  gelateria has stores throughout Italy and fortunately (for us) we crossed paths with their locations in bothSiena and Firenze. The success behind their gelato is that they source the very best raw ingredients which produces bold flavours delivered in the most delicate silk cream.

A close rival with its sister city (Firenze), Siena is a bustling metropolis alive with calm energy. One could easily spend a few days exploring the various neighbourhoods. We enjoyed a day here and after our pizza picnic we strolled with our gelatos to the expansive Piazza del Campo, a popular hangout spot for locals, students and tourists alike. 
The Palazzo Comunale stands at the foot of the square which today houses the Museo Civico. With Ouisie racing around the cobbled streets with her chocolate gelato buzz and more excited about catching a pigeon we (unfortunately) had to give this 'must see museo' a miss.

piazza del campo
palazzo comunale

duomo, siena 

After the chocolate buzz wore off, Ouisie passed out in the pram and allowed us to enjoy the sacred silence in the duomo and baptistery. The Tuscan signature black and white marble is on fine display throughout the cathedral and the inlaid-marble floors are stunning works by approximately 40 different artists. We were fortunate that all the marble floors were available to view as some are covered most of the year.

A must see is the Libreria Piccolomini located in the duomo which houses the books of Enea Silvio Piccolomini (better known as Pope Pius II). The frescos (early 16th century) depict the life of Piccolomini. It is definitely worth the queue. 

chasing pigeons, piazza del campo
♥ ♥ ♥

 Morbidi's pizza for its beautiful crust, rich flavourful tomato sauce and great fixings ♥ watching Ouisie fall in love with Italian gelato for the first time ♥ the frescos in Libreria Piccolomini 



mangiare ävisitare µ, e l'amore 

primo giorno, SIENA
terzo giorno, SAN GIMIGNANO
quarto giorno, PIENZA
cinque giorno a otto giorno, FIRENZE 

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