05 February 2013

The big bad wolf

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf 

Big bad wolf, big bad wolf? 
Ouisie is afraid of the big bad wolf. And due to this make believe character, she has not wanted to sleep in her bed for over two weeks. No matter how many times we promise there are no wolves, leave lights on, and play familiar lullabies on repeat, she howls for release.
What's that noise, mommy?
It is not only the night time. Throughout the day, familiar noises like the dog barking, airplanes, helicopters and the water boiler popping send her racing to hide behind my legs. Each time we acknowledge the noise and name it.
I not scared of big bad wolf, mommy.  

She rebuilds her confidence by talking about the noise and not needing to be afraid. Come bedtime, the fear of the wolf returns.

I stopped reading The Spooky Old Tree and Where the Wild Things Are,  hoping some Dr Seuss might be the magical cure.

We tried explaining to her that a wolf is just a dog and lives far far away from our home. I even put the wolf in a permanent time out. But to no avail. The image in her head is big, bad, and not at all witty.

And then, a few nights ago, as I woke to gale winds howling past the windows, I understood. It was the wolf. He was trying to blow our house down.

01 February 2013

A bunting I go

There is something so festive, and so British, about bunting.

I have a crush on these flags. Any excuse to wave them, I do. I love them so.

A string of antique fabric bunting hangs above our daughter's bed, a treasure found at the summer fĂȘte. During last year's Diamond Jubilee, villages celebrated Her Majesty's 60 year reign by lining their high streets with patriotic bunting. I,too, strung some in our conservatory and could not part with it for nearly a month after the Queen had retired her Jubilee crown.

For our daughter's second birthday I decided to test my bunting craft. While I enjoy needlepoint, and can sew on the odd button or two, I do not own a sewing machine. For this bunting project I used paper, scissors and glue.
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