18 March 2013

Pint Shots: My Goodness, My Guinness

I nearly forgot St Patrick's Day. 

Not wishing to let the day go without paying our respects to the Irish Saint,  I drew an (attempted) shamrock on our daughter's cheek with an eye pencil, smeared some green eye shadow and glitter on her lids, dressed her in green leggings, and put a green bow in her hair. And, presto-- Little Leprechaun!

Our family's outing was to a village pub, where my husband and I enjoyed a pint of Guinness, Ouisie a lemonade, and the dog munched on leftover chips off the floor.

On an English rainy day, the pub was the perfect setting for toasting Saint Patrick with a most traditional Irish pint. Here are some pint shots from our impromptu celebrations. Happy Paddy's Day! CHEERS!

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