27 November 2013

My Muddled Marshmallow

Jet lag could be at fault.
Although a one hour time change between France and England is hardly an excuse. 
Perhaps the various 'to do'  list scribbled on chalk boards,  tablets, and notebooks are to blame. 
Why is there never the same pen and paper at your fingertips to jot down an ever growing laundry list of chores? 
Maybe the coffee was a tad too strong that morning.
Note to self: Switch to decaf  lesser strength coffee.
I had planned the day's agenda with assignments for Chef and me to complete before taking Ouisie at 11am to the Pirate and Princess birthday party.

Everything was going better than planned. The only toy store on the High Street had age appropriate gifts for both the 2-year old Pirate and the 4-year old Princess, thus avoiding frantic last minute shopping. 

I felt smug having found themed gifts and birthday cards. My head grew even bigger remembering pirate and princess gift wrapping supplies at the cottage. Cha-ching! 

Almost 45-minutes past our scheduled departure time, we loaded Ouisie, the princess dress, the birthday gifts, and a bag of Chef's homemade marshmallows into the car.

There was no need for the sat-navigation as I knew where we were going and assuredly co-piloted Chef. Ouisie rehearsed the Happy Birthday song for the Pirate and the Princess as we zipped down the country roads.

On arrival, the parking lot was near capacity. The community centre was heaving with activities. We squeezed into a tiny bay and unloaded Ouisie, the princess dress, the birthday gifts, and the bag of homemade marshmallows from the car.

"I hope there's a bouncy castle and balloons," wished Ouisie.

I spotted the "Happy Birthday" banner across the door. "We're here! We're here!," squealed Ouisie. I opened the door with my arms draped in the themed gifts and Ouisie burst past shouting:
 Happy Birthday everybody! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
It took a few seconds to scan the room and identify the birthday girl. She was not dressed as a princess and there was not a pirate to be found either. In the room though was Ouisie's requested bouncy castle and balloons. The adults turned at the sound of our thunderous entrance.

I knowingly asked, "Is this not the Pirate and Princess party?" I then hooked Ouisie by the hood of her coat and made a quick exit before she beelined it to the bouncy castle.

In the adjoining hall, a guide dog training session was taking place. For obvious reasons we did not bother enquiring if it was the Pirate and Princess party.

Only children's football matches were taking place outside and, anyway, who would even consider hosting an outdoor birthday party in late November?

I started to panic. Did I miss a text with a new location? I called the host's mobile-- three times. On the fourth attempt I left a voice message and sent a text.

The family's home was nearby so we drove to see if anyone was at home. As both cars were in the drive, I rang the doorbell. No answer.

At a loss, and with a puzzled toddler and husband, I read back through the text correspondences.
Glad you all can make it! Party is November 24th from 11-1. Pirate and Princess theme. 
My charred brain processed the text and then it all began to stick.

I asked Chef to confirm the date.
November 23rd. Why?
I began to laugh hysterically. My puzzled toddler and Chef just stared. In between wheezes and snorts I managed to admit fault. Yes, I had officially lost the plot.

My phone rang. It was the host.  She had seen the three missed calls and received my messages. I let her know we had completed our trial birthday run and were well rehearsed for the actual curtain call.

I was embarrassed arriving to the party the next day. Not for showing up on the wrong day, but for being tardy (again) for the actual one.

Before I opened the door Ouisie asked if this was the right one. With my confirmation, and perfectly on cue, she ran in shouting:
 Happy Birthday everybody! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
I handed the host the bag of Chef's homemade marshmallows to help sweeten my brain blip. We all had a laugh and then watched the princesses twirl in their dresses and fend off the pirates attacking the decorations.

Perhaps I will add a 2014 calendar to my wish list this Christmas.


  1. Haven't we all had days like this . . . LOVED it. Just shared this fun read with 36 friends who are all a bit "muddled" too!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Tootsie. Always comforting to know others can relate to marshmallow moments! x


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