15 November 2013

Our Waltz Across (some of) Texas

Ouisie and I are back from our five week visit to the Lone Star State. We cowgirls can confirm things are (still) bigger in Texas to include: churches, highways, food portions, shopping malls, trucks and parking bays.

For the first three weeks, the Texas humidity showed no mercy. I was grateful for frozen margaritas which helped (temporarily) restore hydration and relieve the relentless temperatures. Ouisie beat the heat with pooltime and plenty of ice cream cones.

We spent time in both Houston and Dallas and also enjoyed day trips to the countryside. For the record, the traffic in Houston and Dallas is dreadful on a good day. Travel by car is the norm as public transportation is sparse. You therefore must schedule your errands between morning and evening rush hour as both guarantee bumper to bumper traffic.

Even driving during off-peak hours, I felt intimidated by Interstate 10 (Katy Freeway) and its 26 lanes of traffic. We do not have gigantic motorways in England, and it had been a year since our last visit to the States. It was all I could do to weave across multiple lanes of traffic while trying to look for the desired exit.

And while Ouisie squealed "Weeeee!" from the backseat as we zoomed over large overpasses, I tightened my grip on the wheel to prevent using my hands as a shield for my eyes.

It was great fun showing Ouisie around my home State. Being a native Texan, you would naturally think I had seen all the sights and tried all the BBQ, but you and I would both be wrong.

We invite y'all to  Discover, Eat and Drink by clicking on the below linked images for our best finds deep in the heart of Texas.

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