03 January 2014

A Cottage-made Christmas

You know the holidays are winding down when: you are numb from exhaustion instead of winter temps, the child is bouncing off the walls from stocking sugar overload and school holidays, the creche has ten new pieces in need of storage, and you cannot remember if trash collection is today or tomorrow.

Ho! Ho! Hiccup.... Happy New Year!!

We celebrated our 7th Christmas in the cottage and our 3rd with Ouisie. From 1st December- 24th December she inhaled her breakfast eager to open the advent calendar for a sweet treat. She met her  Elf of the Shelf, Sprinkles, and delighted in finding him each morning. I must praise Sprinkles Elf as Ouisie's timeouts decreased in December. And despite Chef and Ouisie's hesitation at first, we all enjoyed our elf's witty sense of humour. In fact, the cottage is a bit too quiet and tame without him...

Ouisie sang Happy Birthday to Jesus every day of advent and Santa's jingle bells were heard for weeks before his scheduled debut. Our toddler's joy was infectious and renewed Chef and my faith in virgin births and flying reindeer.
Aside from Ouisie's delight, my favourite part of Christmas was the homemade element. Ouisie and I kept busy with Christmas crafts and decorating salt ornaments for her friends. Santa and Mrs Claus spent weeks refurbishing a kid's kitchen and easel. And Christmas dinner was a triumphant culinary first for Chef with his Pithiviers. You can read more about Pithiviers from Callie & Chef's blog post, J'adore George V.

Though exhausted from many late nights of painting and prep, the cottage-made elements of our Christmas celebration added a personal touch which we will treasure and hopefully Ouisie will remember. What's more, the demolition and degustation of some of the crafts was equally satisfying.

In the coming weeks some of the craft projects will be linked to posts with full instructions/recipes/tips. I am assuming that you, like me, are not planning Christmas 2014 just yet?

Cheers to sharing more great food, adventure, and laughter with you in 2014!

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